Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Cypress Meadow Nature Preserve, Allen County
     We've hit the trails again!  This time our nature explorations took us to the Cypress Meadow Nature Preserve in Allen County.  This preserve contains a lovely little pond surrounded by bald cypress, willow, and cottonwood trees.

I'm loving the panorama feature of my new camera!  Fuji Finepix S4250
Once you step foot into this preserve it is easy to forget that it's quite literally across the road from a major highway, I69!  
     As it's name implies, Cypress Meadow contains both cypress AND meadow.  The trails leading away from the pond take you to an open meadow where you can find young white oak, ash and walnut trees. 
A twisty trail walled with cypress and willow trees.
The "meadow" of Cypress Meadow.
      The meadow provides a suitable habitat for several native wildflowers.
Oxeye Daisy
Prairie Wild Rose
Hemp Dogbane
     I am always on the lookout for interesting visual compositions of shapes, textures, and colors on our hikes.  I am collecting many wonderful photos which I will ultimately use to design the stained glass panels for my Lilly Teacher Creativity fellowship project. Remember, that's why I'm taking all these nature hikes. You can visit my very first posts here and here to be reminded of my grant proposal and goals. 
I love the fierce directionality in the lines of this tall grass as it blows in the breeze.
The dark background behind these flowing, willowy branches really makes their
 color pop, and accentuates the curly, twisting lines.
     Another aspect of any nature walk in the Indiana summertime is the occasional tag-along guest...
These are American Dog Ticks. At one time on our walk, there were 6 ticks hitching a ride on Evelynn's shoe laces!   Later at home, we found 14 ticks making our dog General their new home.  Even as I sit here typing this, I'm beginning to get a case of the creepy-crawlies!
     Ticks or no ticks, they make great hiking companions!  Join us again next time, won't you?!

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